Leonce und Lena

By Georg Büchner
Tabard Theatre, Jan 2007

Tabard Theatre, 2007Fleeing the fantastical kingdom of Popo and his impending marriage to Princess Lena of Pipi, Prince Leonce and his anarchical companion Valerio escape their royal idleness, towards the idyllic beauty of Italy. On their way they encounter Lena, and so they continue, tumbling towards an unexpected marriage of marionettes.

A modern fairly tale, Büchner’s classic satire is a true-style romantic comedy which salutes Goethe and Shakespeare and shows the dark undertones of a socially inert society. With the dawning of Romanticism as an escape from the absurdities of absolutist government in 1830s Germany, Büchner used satire to lambaste the ennui of his own generation and the archetypal themes such as the quest for true love.

Under fresh new direction, the Tabard Theatre continues its 2007 season with an exciting revival of Georg Büchner’s sharp satire, Leonce und Lena.

By Georg Büchner
Directed and designed by Lydia Ziemke
Lighting Design by Kate Myran
Produced by David Luff for Skinnydipping Productions

Cast includes: Theo Cross, Kate Donmall, Will Beer, Susanna Fiore and Richard Crawley

“Inventively staged.”

“Wonderfully inventive touches in Ziemke’s staging … nicely handled physical comedy … and strong performances.”


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