Shortcuts 2005

Arcola Theatre, May 2005

Arcola Theatre, 2005For one week in May, Arcola Theatre hosted shortcuts 2005, a free festival showcasing some of the hottest new talents working on the London fringe. Shortcuts brought together new writers, directors, designers and performers for a week-long festival of theatre.

Every day for one week, three new plays were shown, each with a completely different creative team. Featuring a combination of new writing and devised plays, Shortcuts was a selection of the best new artists working in London in 2005.

Our aims were to provide a platform for writers and theatre companies, actors, directors, designers and technicians to create and perform new works; to bring practitioners together to encourage future collaboration; and to introduce new theatre-makers and new audiences to Arcola Theatre, emphasising its potential as a creative and accessible workspace.

Directors: Tamara Allen Cousins, Ellen Hughes, Emma Serlin, Amy Bonsall, Vicky Jones, Christopher Yandell, Debra Watson, Olly Price, Toby Clarke, Elina Manni, Tom Cooper, Donnacadh O’Briain, Stewart Melton, Sam Baldock

Writers: Penny Black, Rachel Wagstaff, Fintan O’Higgins, Katherine Knowles, Dawn King, Christopher Yandell, Martina Messing, Richard Hardwick, Michael Ayers and John Grogan

Designers: Ellan Parry, Alex Evans, Simon Kenny, Polly Webb Wilson

Produced by David Luff


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