Stoopud Fucken Animals

Loose Collective present
Traverse Theatre – Drill Hall, Edinburgh, 2007

It’s revenge Dim, course you shouldn’t do it, that’s what makes it so fucken cool!

The Wild East: Charlie sells bull semen for a living, Dim is the oldest paperboy in the village, and Lefty is playing his ‘Last Legs’ tour of the pubs.  When a dark family secret is unearthed, Charlie and Dim’s lives collapse around them and an old fashioned showdown is on the horizon.

Stoopud Fucken Animals combines live music, thick dialects and pitch black comedy to drive the myths of British farming into the wall of the modern economy.  Themes of heritage and identity are caught in the crossfire of this Western set in Suffolk.

A brand new play with songs by Arthur Darvill arrives at the Traverse after a Broadway development sponsored by The Old Vic New Voices.

By Joel Horwood
Directed by Kate Budgen
Original Composition by Arthur Darvill
Set and Costume Design by Becky Hurst
Lighting Design by Jon Clark
Produced by David Luff

Joe Arkley, Carl Prekopp, Wendy Nottingham, Robert Goodale, Nicola Harrison

“Hot. Young. Talent”

“An off-kilter mix of brutality and black humour.”
The Herald

“In a flick of its cowboy hat … kinetic and dramatic energy … lovely performances from Carl Prekopp and Joseph Arkley”
The Scotsman

“A promising tale of revenge in the badlands of Suffolk … gets you where it hurts…. Joel Horwood is a talent to watch”
The Guardian


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