By Molière, translated by Ranjit Bolt
Arcola Theatre, Dec 2004

Arcola Theatre, 2004Tartuffe: the perfect Christmas play, filled with seasonal themes of unwanted house guests, comical hypocrisy, and religious fanaticism.

Molière’s classic religious satire, re-imagined for the Muslim context of modern Turkey, a country on the verge of joining the EU, with a moderate Islamic society torn between its traditional values and the Western way of life.

Tartuffe worms his way into Orgon’s home, blinding the master of the house with his religious ‘devotion’ while attempting to seduce his wife and disinherit his children.  Molière’s classic family farce finds a perfect modern setting on the shores of the Bosphorus.

Dash through the snow to Dalston this Christmas and restore the jingle to your bells.

By Molière
Adapted by Ranjit Bolt
Directed by Serdar Bilis
Designed by Jon Bausor
Lighting Design by Richard Williamson
Dramaturgy by Raphael Kinston
Choreography by Hemi Yeroham
Assistant Producer Nelly Alfanari
Production Manager Secil Honeywill
ASM Leah Fagelson
Costume Assistants Marina Monsonis and Jan Hassan
Produced by David Luff for Arcola Theatre

Cast: Esther Adams, Lara Agar Stoby, Livia Arditti, Philip Arditti, Phil Cheadle, Laura Frances, Sue Harwich, Patrick Myles, Tony Taylor, Hakan Silahsizoglu, John Webber.

“A splendidly unconventional holiday show and a very enjoyable evening”

“A witty revival that portrays Turkey as a country torn between Islamic tradition and a Europeanised future.”

“Arcola continues its ensemble tradition with this wonderful 12-strong cast to create a rollercoaster tapestry of wickedly contemporary comedy”


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