The Spanish Tragedy

By Thomas Kyd
Arcola Theatre, October 2009

In the aftermath of a bloody war, two families plan a marriage in the hope of forging peace. But the bride to be already has a secret lover. When he is murdered to make way for the new groom, his father Hieronimo is forced down a brutal path of vengeance from which there is no return.

A sensational hit in its day, The Spanish Tragedy was the first revenge play on the English stage and influenced a whole new wave of drama including Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Starring Dominic Rowan as Hieronimo, this taut and visually inventive production rediscovers Thomas Kyd’s classic play as a ferociously powerful exploration of grief, violence, and the human need for justice.

by Thomas Kyd
Directed by Mitchell Moreno
Designed by Helen Goddard
Video Design by Ian Galloway for Mesmer
Lighting Design by Emma Chapman
Sound Design by Tim Middleton
Produced by David Luff for Doublethink Theatre, Jacob Wagen and Sotirios Hatjoullis

Cast: Keith Bartlett, Richard Clews, Charlie Covell,  Hasan Dixon, Msimisi Dlamini, Andrew Fallaize, Penny Layden, Patrick Myles, Francis Ortega, Dominic Rowan, Richard Shanks, Guy Williams


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